Wow, time flies when you are having fun!  I have pushed myself at the gym all week and am happy to say that I am sore and feeling better than ever!  Today I burned over 500 calories in my spinning class….speaking of which I just found out that ‘my’ trainer (a.k.a. one of Giving_backmy close friends) will be featured on our local news next week during our Weight Lifting class.  I am excited for her because she is so great and has motivated me to work harder.  The interesting thing is the news crew (camera man = her husband) will be taping during our "Boot Camp" class.  I am not sure seeing myself on TV during a workout is a good idea but what are you gonna do.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Victoria and our gym.  WAY TO GO GIRL!  I hope we make you look good.

I am Dsc_5835loving my latest creations.  Probably beacuse I love all the new stuff I am working with.  I have been hired by some great companies!  I decided to do a page on my latest volunteer adventures.  You can read the journaling here.  I also created this Keepsake Box for Michaela.

Dsc_5838_3I also had a blast from my past yesterday.  I received an email from a classmate & friend who lived next door to me growing up.  I have not seen him since I was 16 and I come to find out he lives in San Diego!  I replied to his email and am interested to see what he has been up to for the past ahem….21 years.  I wonder how different I look.  LOL!