Miss me??  I am getting the emails now asking where the heck am I.  I am alive but hanging on to the edge of my seat.  I have been……….

  • in a parade (in a fire truck no less)
  • floating down the Platte River
  • in Lake Michigan
  • on the water (time after time)
  • boating (a pontoon boat)
  • cherry picking (and eating cherries until I could eat no more!)
  • watching the most spectacular fireworks show
  • golfing 9 holes (the first time and the absolute last time)
  • ran a 5K
  • Kayaking
  • playing poker (losing my rear)
  • having a few drinks (ok a few more than a "few")
  • spending lots of time with my family
  • seeing great friends
  • and that is only in the first few days………………………

I have had not time to write but am taking over 250 pictures a day!  Way to many to share but here is a snippet of our activities:
P8030214 _twb7695
P8040298 P8020266 P8010091 who else gets a self-portrait during 5K?
P7300006 _twb6955
_twb7303 Love my new favorite shirt!  A Skull and it says Michigan! I literally wore it out of the store.
P8010056 P8020233
P8030155 Ok asleep on the Platte River after too much fun, sun, water and beer
P7310098 _twb7254 

Ok, I think that is a brief summary of my life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in Northern Michigan……I actually have to refer back to Kid Rock on this one (music please)…….sing along people "It was Summertime in Northern Michigan"