Ever feel like you get lost in things.  You don’t appreciate what you have, how hard you have worked, or see how far you have come?  Ever get stuck?  Just making sure I am not the only one.  Trying to explain to someone you are an Artist (and make a living doing that) you typically get the head tilted to the side and a weird look like you live in a box of Crayola Crayons (don’t get me wrong…I wish I did!) but that is not the case.

I make my living by being creative, thinking outside the box, marketing, customer service and representing what I believe in.  And when that gets lost in the mix what do I have.  Well………..I have reflective moments to get myself straight. I have great friends, an amazing team!, and family to put my vision back on track.  I have my belife and love for what I do and what I stand for.

I have this blog, Mixed Media Monday, I have so much!


Sure I don’t have a conventional occupation or clock in but I give everything I have to my chosen occupation.  I cannot put a key in the ignition and start up my creative mojo (sure wish I did but then again I have a habit of losing keys).  But what I have is the belief that creativity is like a muscle.  You can use every excuse in the book to avoid exercising it like emails, the dog is looking at you, the gym is too far, etc. but you have to push yourself to get in that Studio and workout as if you are going to the gym.  It will return…the muscles have good memory.

Heck, I have had to physically remind myself to hit the trails, hike, workout and free my mind so I can return to the studio!  It is a miracle what a walk can do just to clear the mind, heart and soul (do it with a friend and your furbaby and even better!)


So with that said…………Love this moment, this this song, love the audio books playing in the Studio as I clean it up….loving my happy place/studio waiting for me every day.  Heck, this is my Crayola Box I love to live in!


Love the reminder that I am still there……….doing what I love.  Maybe, just maybe doing what I am doing will inspire someone to put on their tennis shoes and #movemyrear as I call it, pick up a paint brush, try something new and that is what it is about.   More then anything I love to make people happy with my painting and teaching. It is a real joy when someone gets it and that light bulb moment happens they discover that they can overcome sadness, mental health issues, the loss of a loved one, a marriage gone wrong….etc. Happiness is a great gift to give to anyone. (thank you Doxie K.!)

You are capable of so much…you sometimes might forget that.

You see, we love to look at beautiful things and brilliant things and revolutionary things. Sometimes we stop noticing how many of those kinds of things are around us and what it has taken to create and build and maintain those things.

We are inspired by people who have found the keys to all kinds of successes…or sometimes we are jealous, or envious and sometimes it even makes us feel a little hopeless or angry.

What we sometimes do though, beautiful friend, is forget what it must have taken to get to a place of brilliance or a place of health or a place of what seems to be raw talent. Sometimes we don’t want to admit to ourselves that everything and everyone has had to go through a process to get to where or what they are now.

And sometimes we don’t admit that we have done the same, ourselves. We have each done so much already that we forget we have done.

Important things take time. Impressive things take time. Brilliant things take time. Beautiful gardens take time and healthy bodies take time and beautiful relationships take time. Inventions take time and businesses take time and works of art take time. These things take time that is not always fun, and often tedious and full of failures that have to be overcome before the brilliance is uncovered.

We are all capable of SO MUCH if we are willing to put in the time. Even when we put in the time and don’t make it to where we wanted to be….we have still become someone more experienced than if we had not tried at all.” ~ Brave Girls

I end this blog post and leave you with this song……

Happy Saturday……….you will find me in my Studio ♥

Don’t listen to those who tell you exactly what to do.  Listen to those special few who encourage you to do what you already know in your heart is right.”