So three soccer games, two baseball games and let's call it a season. Wrap it up, done, over with, kaput! Right………………………WRONG-O! Let me start from the beginning.

While you folks in the Midwest and beyond are taking in the likes of Fall and even the start of Winter I am asking for your sympathy!.  It was near 90 degrees here yesterday and 87 today!  Come on already.  Where is Fall, bring on Winter.  No more heat.  Ok, I know that sympathy may not be coming my way. 

Saturday the kids all played GREAT soccer games.  Tyler beat the first place team 5-4 and he was awesome in goalie for the second half (only one goal on him).  Joey's team beat the first place team and Micky's team won.  So one sport was behind us (or so I thought).  No pictures of soccer as I was just too hot, nearly 90 degrees (anyone feeling sorry for me yet?)

Sunday we had two baseball games.  Joey's team did not win but still had a great game and Joey was back to batting (his mom has been yelling at him about hanging on to that bat!)
_TWB2820 _TWB2824 
_TWB2830 _TWB2842  
_TWB2847 _TWB2871  

Tyler lost by a nose but had great games.  Tyler even got his third game ball of the season!
_TWB2915 _TWB2917
_TWB2930 _TWB2940 
_TWB2951  _TWB2949  

Still about 90 degrees on Sunday and by the time Tyler was done at 5:30 it had dipped down to 60 so I was freezing in my tank top and shorts (sympathy please……..)

Sunday, Pete ran half marathon.  He was just shy of his goal time and we are all proud of him.  Looks like our weekend of sports is a wrap……not quite yet. 

We are all done (or so I thought)…………we came home to a phone call from Micky's soccer coach.  Micky's team tied for first and they are having a play-off game on Tuesday night. Are you kidding me?  They are 7, let them tie already LOL.  Closing ceremonies are over, trophies have been handed out and we are done.  Let the heat and soccer be over with.  To quote my lovely daughter "Mom, I think we should call the Wild Cats the winner and we will take second".  I had to instill a bit of the competitive spirit in her on this one.  So Monday and Tuesday we are back to the soccer fields.

I am ready for basketball season………bring it on.