I hate the Statement "I am so lucky"…I don't really believe in Luck per se because I believe you work for what comes into your life and there is a plan (beyond our control). However, I feel LUCKY that I was born into the family I was born into.  My parents are amazing, my brother is…..my brother (don't tell him but he is amazing as is his family is), and my extended family is just the BEST (ALL my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents)! 

Today I received a letter from my Aunt Linda & Uncle Chris who donated to my Relay for Life adventure!  and her card says:

"Tracy, my inspriation to journal, my inspriation to joy of life, my inspriation to doing what you love and are passionable about, my inspiration to postiive thinking and positive doing – 'That is Tracy'.  I would like to thank you for you for moving me to create "my space" in my craft room.  I have sooo enjoyed myself in there! The magazine you left gave me ideas and I still love to look at it! (your studio was the best by the way).  Enclosed are photos of "my space" I share it with Vanessa!  She loves it!  She just finished a beautiful bird house for Ben's Birthday!  Love and hugs, Aunt Linda and Uncle Chris

Hope she does not mind me sharing her photos:

My Aunt is amazing, creative, and so much fun! 

Relay_Logo On that same note I feel so fortunate to have all the support and donations for the Relay for Life I am participating in!  My amazing Family has donated and supported me along with my great friends.  I can tell this is something that is important to all.  My original goal was $100, then I raised it to $500 and NOW my goal is $800 (but truly think I am capable of $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   I have raised $765 to date and have 16 Days until I walk, April 30th!  I can do it with your support!  You can donate directly by clicking HEREI appreciate any amount that you donate!

I want to thank everyone who has donated!  I feel so Inspired!

So there it is……….this is my family.  That is where I come from.  That is why I feel so darn Lucky!  Blessed……YES and darn Lucky!


"Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer."  ~Author Unknown