I have had this idea swirling in my mind for awhile with our online shows Monday nights and the Flickr page where you guys share your art but I want to see MORE!  I decided a great place to see and share those pages was for me to challenge you guys!  So here is my official challenge and I hope you will take this creative dare from me.

Monthly I will issue Creative Dares…Last Monday I worked right out of my comfort zone with some different colors and I want to encourage you all to do the same. 


This past week Tanya shared a piece that made me realize it is time to spread those wings…."Canvas for Tasha… sshhh… she doesnt know it is finished!! Thank you for the inspiration once again Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos"

Never be afraid to fly

So monthly I will issue challenges, come up with some fun prizes (some fun sponsers are on board) AND everyone can upload their work right on that blog post!  This way I can see your pages on your blogs as well!

So who is in???  On Monday's LIVE Show on twStudios Ustream I will announce more details but I want to get you thinking about June's challenge which will be posted next week. 

I want to dare you to create with me!  First challenge will be to use this quote:

"Let go of whatever holds you back and no longer serves you because you only get one shot in life" ~ Unknown

So start putting on yoru thinking caps because this is the exact quote I will be using on my piece on Monday!  Grap your art journal and canvas and be ready to get creative!  See you Monday night at 6:00 pm (Pacific Time). 


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it" ~Thoreau…"Today I will focus on my work and on my passions".