RelayI DID IT!  I raised my goal of $800 and I am at $860!  My supporters are friends, family, co-workers and more.  They are those who believe in this fight and I could not be more thankful!

I have 27 more days until I walk and I do not have to do one more darn thing as I did it………..I raised enough and to my THIRD goal no less as I have raised my goal even further! Last year I raised over $1200!  There is something to be said for those 27 more days!  So I raised my goal to $1000 and I am asking 10 of my friends to donate just $10! 

I am blessed beyond belief for those in this with me and who have supported me in this walk.  I walk in honor of those who you listed and emailed to me!


There is another thing that I am proud of…….our team was first last year in fundraising and we top the list again right now!  This is something to be proud of!  And I am so close to the top right now and want to join those who have already raised $1000 (you so know how bad I want to be on top of that LIST!!!!).  We all need those goals and I am determined to meet my new one!!


So I am asking for just a bit more support!  Yes I am! 10 friends for $10/each! 10 for 10! I will be walking May 12-13th. Donations can be made by going direct to my personal page by clicking HERE:

Come on………….10 peeps for $10!  Let's fight this fight and let my feet do the walking.  Remember I have to "camp" out one night in a tent so that has to be worth something!  I don't camp! and there is no turn down service or heat in that tent! 


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" ~Gandhi