I moved to California in 1992.  I was young and had the world by the tail (is that even a saying?).  I had a new job and was the Midwest girl who moved to Cali.  When I moved here I lived with my friend Colleen and her family which at the time was her, her husband and her 2 year old Trevor.  I can remember coming home from work chasing Trevor around, and riling him up.  Then I would escape off to my room leaving the riled up 2 year old with his mom (sorry for that Colleen.  I know know what that means).  Friday I went to his graduation party from high school!  Where has the time gone?  He got older but I swear I did not.  Right??  Someone, right? 

Colleen and Shelly have been lifelong friends and whenever some time lapses between seeing them I realize how much I miss them.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon snapping photos.
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Then we headed down to the pool where Trevor was throwing the kids in off the diving board.

I must say that at one point he was holding me by the waist over the pool threatening to let me go.  First I was amazed that he was so strong but heck he is 18 and I am 4 lbs lighter!  Thankfully he kept me and my sundress from going in.  But being the little taunter I am I ended up getting into it with him where he threatened to throw me into the pool.  It was decided that the value of my camera much exceeded the graduation money he received so it was best I never let go of that camera.  When we went up to the house I let the aroma of chocolate chip cookies drive me away from my camera and that little stinker swooped in and fireman-carried me all the way back down to the pool and in we both went!  That will teach me to taunt an 18 year old AND let go of my camera.  Hey, I was happy when he said I was light.  That made it all worth it and quite honestly it was refreshing. 

So to Trevor, I am SO proud of you!  And to Colleen and Shelly I MISS YOU TWO!  No more lapses in seeing one another!  Our friendship means a lot and not just because you let me live in your house for dirt cheap Colleen!