This week has been busy in the studio with working on projects for companies I work with.  Talked to a friend of mine about her Art and she said I wish I had the guts to share mine like you do.  I said……… just takes one piece to find your voice.  I found mine and now you cannot shut me up.  I can express who I am, what I am feeling, parther with fellow artists while working with GREAT companies and in return what comes back to me is amzing.  Years ago I took a turn and decided to create things for me, by me, and not for others.  Not to be mindful so much of how it compares to another, will someone else like it or is it good enough.  

Is it good enough for me?  Did it come from my heart?  Will it spark something in another to inspire them?  I guess if anything life has taught me some valuable lessons.  So today I share another Doodle from my Doodling moleskin journal………


So in taking my own path I keep learning every day, trying to take in new techniques and work them into my own, love what I do and then share it……….


So I found my voice… what it has to say and will continue to share it…one doodle at a time!  I try to live in the moment and appreciate what I have right here and right now and not what I hope or wish it will be one day. Another friend shared this today from something she read:

tell me how wonderful things will be . . . some day.

Show me you can risk being completely at peace,

truly OK with the way things are right now in this moment,

and again in the next and the next and the next. .

 It is so easy to ignore your voice, wish for something better and not be mindful of what you have right now.  I love to hear your voice so please share…one creation at a time!

"Sometimes things won’t work out like you plan.  Life has other things in mind.  You need to let these things go.  Learn what you can and move along.  You can’t have a great day today if you’re still thinking and worrying about yesterday.  Whatever could have been or should have been, doesn’t matter.  This moment is here and now for you to live.  Just continue the journey, focus on the present, do your best, and trust the process.  The struggle forward is worth the effort.  There’s still a lot of beauty left to be seen on the road ahead."