Ok, if you believe that than I have some land to sell you.  For people who are new here I need to just say stand up and say "I am not an animal person".  I may have just tuned out a bunch of readers.  I used to lean down and pet Fido and tell Fido’s owner how cute he was when truthfull y I kind of thought Fido smelled like dog, he was sniffing me too closely and he was drooling on my toes.  So when I got a bit older I realized not everyone has to be an animal person.  I put my pants on the same way animal lovers do and I am getting through life without walking a furry friend every day.  And Yes, we did have Alpine for 12 years and him and I had a mutual friendly respect for one another. 

So…..when I was asked to create an project using kitty buttons by Buttons Galore & More I froze for a moment.  I don’t own a cat, don’t want to and truthfully they don’t want me to.  But I needed to rise to this creative challenge and I bummed photos of my friend Colleen’s cat………By the way, Colleen (the ever supportive friend) got a good laugh out of me asking for those photos.  But look here girl….I made a frame of your ADORABLE cat.  (do you think she believes me?)

So there all you PITA people, I did it!