I am home to my pillow!  It was so great to sleep in my bed last night with my most prized possession.  Yes, if you want to know something crazy about me it is my pillow.  It is flat as paper and in horrible shape. It has been with me in the good times and bad times (probably since birth).  It is disgusting and I have watched everything about hygiene, dust bunnies, you name it and I cannot part with it.  My mom has tried to buy me new pillows and the longest I could go without it was one night!  I literally had to go sneak it back from the garage.  So every time I travel I am miserable.  I do not like my head elevated above my body.  How do people sleep with their head at a 45 degree angle?  I am kind of a neat-nut (for those of you rolling your eyes at "kind of" STOP IT) but my pillow is bad.  Those dust buddies are holding hands to keep that thing together but I DON’T CARE!  This is probably way more than you wanted to know about me.  I digress….we are home safe and sound.  Texas was good to us all but we loved seeing those palm trees of San Diego.  They were waving to me as we came in.  Summer officially starts!