I completed Celebrate_4tha layout for Helmar.  Woo Hoo it feels good to glue something.  I have one more project to complete and mail out by tomorrow.   Not sure if you can see but I used some of my PhotoShop Elements tips by creating a cool edge to this photo. 

One more lazy day of summer for us.  Tyler is reading like crazy.  I am so proud of how much he loves to read.  Tomorrow we attend a PTA party where I will officially become Treasurer.  How crazy is that?!

Ok, off to go create my project for Giftmaker Magazine so I can mail that out tomorrow.  I had hoped to complete my article for Scrapbook Dimensions but that will not happen before I leave.  Great magazine if you have not seen it!  Oh yeah….I had some projects in Ready-Set-Create July Ezine…..my Michaela Keepsake Box and two Father’s Days Cards.  How fun!  See Dad, I made you a card but just never sent it.  Bad Daughter but how many dad’s can say their card was published in a magazine?  Ok, that just does not justify it.