Ok, I have to admit I was a Doubting Thomas about this trip to Dscn0776_2Las Vegas.  I was not crazy about going to "Sin City" with three kids.  I certainly did not like the idea of sitting through a 2 hour Time Share presentation for this "free" vacation.  I doubted Pete when he set this up.  I admit it…..negativity started to set in.  I figured he would hear the sounds of the slot machines jingling and he would be off and running.  So I owe him a sorry….it has been an enjoyable time.  He picked a very kid-friendly hotel.  We took advantage of the bowling the first day.  Yesterday we spent by the pool and it was nice.  Today we took in a movie in the theater in the hotel and spent some more relaxing time by the pool. 

Each evening we have taken the kids to the Kid’s Thyme which they begged to go to.  So from about 8:30 to 10:30 Pete and I meander around the casino.  I am not much of a gambler and lucky is something I would not call myself.  So I just dabble with the slots.  I had about $100 to play with and came back last night with $108 so that is not too bad.  Pete likes the tables and poker so we check in every so often.  I don’t like to rub my sour luck off on him so stay clear when I see he is doing good.  Although last night I made the machines jingle every so often. 

I really enjoy the music and atmosphere.  I checked out the dueling pianos at one bar and sat there and enjoyed it.  So I have to say it has been rather relaxing.  Way to go Pete.  I still think this is not an optimum place for kids but they are all having fun. 

This was a nice way to cap off a really great summer.