Dsc_7055_2 Ok, looks like I survived this darn cold.  What a drag.  I lumbered through our field trip today at the Wild Animal Park.  In spike of being sick it was fun.  One of the mom’s got this shot of me "resting". 

I came home and got all 24 pizza’s ordered for two baseball parties and even put way 4 loads of laundry.  Looks like I am back in the saddle. I also came home to an email from Paper Trends Magazine and they want two of my projects…WOO HOO!  Dsc_7081_2One of them is already gone however I will be mailing the other one this week. 

I have a big deadline this Friday so my office looks like a paint booth.  The fumes may be getting to me.  I have five projects in the works.  I don’t think I have ever worked so many things at one time.  Can I get them done and postmarked by Friday?  Dsc_7077 Once I get this mailed off I can breath a big sigh of relief.  Keep the creative vibes coming!  With my strict schedule I will be completing an album this weekend and then starting Pete’s moms album.  It has to be a special one but very limited time to work on it.  Nothing like a lot of pressure. Signing off to paint some more….nothing like paint fumes to get the creative juices flowing.