but knee-deep in a project in my office.  Several people have asked for an up-date so here it it.  I think I have worked faster than I ever have on a complete album.  Pete’s moms album is over half-done and that is with only three days of scrapping.  I have been going to bed far to late (or early).  I have only 7 layouts to go in three days.  That is a total of 20 pages!  I will be sharing those all at once so stay tuned. 

Tonight we had our absolute last baseball game of the season (they lost) so we can put this behind us.  This week’s highlights:

  • Spelling Bee – Tyler’s best buddy is in it.  GO CHANDLER!
  • Last day of school for the twins…Pool Party
  • My much needed haircut
  • Volunteer Tea Party put on by the teachers
  • and then get ready for NYC!

June is such a busy month.  In closing I want to share something that is making me smile this week.  Anyone ever hear of Ross the Intern?  He is on Jay Leno from time to time and boy does he make me laugh.  Not sure why but check out his blog.