Dsc_3341Yes, on my first official try I french braided Micky’s hair and I think I did a pretty darn good job.  I think after a few more trys I can mark that one off the Life List.  That was my big accomplishment for the day. 

Today was a lot about nothing but fun. I had promised the kids a picnic but the weather was not good so we had our own creative one.  We all made lunch and ate it on a "ship".  OK, so it was a bunk bed with blankets on the floor as the water but all the same it was fun.  Then we had a game of Scene It Disney Edition.  It was boys against girls and they beat us.  That was when I was French braiding so I am claiming that I was pre-occupied.  That explains our loss. 

Right now the kids are vegging out while I pay bills and clean the office.  Another Sunday of nothing.  I just love these days.  I am trying to keep our Sunday’s free since we are rushing around 90% of the week.