I think all this drywall dust is sparking my creativity!  Being that my office is the only area of the house I could be in today I HAD to scrap!  I could not clean, do laundry or really be in any part of the house so I sequestered myself in the office this morning while the kids were at school and worked on some layouts.  I am working on layouts for Fiber Scraps and did these:Cherish The_great_pumpkin

And I also got this one done for Paperwhite Memories.   It was so hard for me to not be doing anything while the painter worked on our ceilings.  He completed removing the acoustic ceiling in the living room, dining room and hallways.  He will tackle the bedrooms on Monday.  Thankfully after the dust infested our whole house he wrapped up everything including the plastic we have been maneuvering around and we were able to get things back to normal.  I still can feel a layer of dust in my nose but looking at my nice smooth ceilings makes it all worth it.  Today I also picked out our cabinet colors and got word that our kitchen could start as early as the second week of November.  The color should be going on the walls starting Wednesday or Thursday. 

Dsc_8967_3 Today I also went to a Halloween parade at Tyler’s school.  Halloween has to be my favorite holiday since I had kids.  It always had such a sad meaning for me since collage because I lost my best friend on Halloween and I always associated that holiday to that sad time but over time I realized that it is a magical time for the kids.  Tyler donned his American soldier costume and  he had a great time.  The costumes at school were so original.  Tomorrow the festivities continue when we attend the school carnival.  Sunday we will carve pumpkins and Monday the twins have their Halloween party at school.  This all leads up to trick-or-treating on Tuesday.  This time of year is always so busy but I love it.