I think I now know what it feels like to have another kid to watch over but this one is 64!  Dad set out on his bike this morning and was not gone as long as he usually is.  Sure enough he took a spill over the handle-bars.  With a nice case of road-rash he walked his bike home.  He is okay and thankfully it was not a bad fall.  But he will be pretty sore for that drive back to Michigan tomorrow.  We are all sad that they are leaving tomorrow.  Joey is a little happy to be getting his dresser back but we will all be bummed tomorrow. 

Today was a day to catch up on things.  In between, we were all running back to the TV to see the Super Bowl commercials.  It hurt Pete to not see the Chargers.  I loved the "Fist Bump" commercial.   

Today I also completed Mom’s album!  If you would like to see the complete album click HERE.  These layouts completed it and I was so happy to pack it up to go with them: 4_generationsA_trip_upnorth_2Thank_you_1

I am so HAPPY That is done and I can check that off the list.  I think next year I should start it in May.  No way, I work better under pressure.

Tomorrow starts another busy week of school, baseball, and work.  Having my parents extra help will be greatly missed!