Today I found out that the local paper came out with the article about my Album for President Obama.  I was so excited that I had to run out to the store in my boxers and pick up a half dozen (ok, maybe more). Do you think for a moment I could just sneak in with a tank top, boxers, and no make-up and not see someone I know?  Of course not! 

Ramona Home Journal:

You can read the article online:  The Ramona Journal ~ Ramona Woman Answers President's Call to Service.
Correction:  Photos by Kelly Alwan

Please do not mistake it with the Miss Ramona article.  I  know how easy it would be to mix that up!  Now if by chance anyone is looking for a signed copy I will be having a book signing tour at our local equipment rental store this weekend.  I will make sure to bring some of the numerous copies I picked up tonight.  And…..if you are lucky I will wear those famous boxer shorts. 

Way excited about this!  This week equipment rental store and next stop who knows……skies the limit!