Dsc_5829_2Ok, not really but I am working outside the box and made three cards for Coronado Island Designs.  My new kick seems to be Krylon spray paints so I also am playing around a lot with those.  I am learning that it is wonderful to explore new avenues and create totally new projects.Dsc_5816_2Dsc_5817

I am happy to report that I weighed in and that 4 lbs is gone.  That was a nice reward after a hard week of working out and eating healthy.  I will continue to do that to maintain how good I feel.  And for those who emailed me we will continue to encourage one another.  Pete and I are even going to try and fit in some hiking this week.  He is back at the gym which is great.  As I ease into that year-older business I want to continue feeling younger.