I admit it, I am overwhelmed………a little off course.  There, I said it.  Just like many of others I am busy juggling.  It is not always easy to keep all those plates spining.  I sometimes take on everyone’s happiness around me and with three kids that is not even possible (I figure if one out of three is mad at me I am doing something right).  My calendar is color coded and looks like a rainbow, my list of things to do outnumbers the minutes in the day but I am not complaining.

I wake up each day hopeful and looking forward to the things on my list.  I do have those Worst-Mom-of-the-Year moments when my son says they won their basketball playoff game by 2 points pro-longing the season and I have to remind myself to say “Great!” and actually mean it.  In these times I find myself beating myself up the hardest and really under-delivering.

This is what I know for sure………I AM also blessed, loved, happy, busy, inspired, motivated and never alone.    I can only do so much and in those down times I need to take them and make the most of them.  So I try to hit my art journal nightly and first thing in the morning.




It is in these moments when I feel the waves of change coming on and in the uncertainty I know that if I let the busy-ness get to me moments like this will slip away…





I love those moments the best…..I AM is the motto for this month.  and I AM…in the moment.

“Wouldn’t you rather have a life of “OH WELLs” than a life of “WHAT IFs”?  Do what you can while you can.  Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone.  Some of my best life experiences and opportunities came to me only after I dared to lose.”