So today I was asked where I get my inspiration and I did not have one good answer to this.  Inside my head (basically a three-ring circus of activity) I find inspiration in just about everything I see.  Today Sweet_boy_2I was sitting with a friend at baseball and we were talking about our friendship and what it has offered each of us.  I literally got in my truck and pulled out my notebook and wrote down my immediate thoughts.  I carry that notebook and write down so much when it crosses my mind.  So now I have some journaling to go with just the right photo.  Sometimes that notebook is my life-savor to get things off my mind.  This could be a color combination, a sketch or a photo idea.  A lot of the time it is the papers I pull out to work with. And sometimes it is just a good rainy day.

Yesterday I was able to complete yet one more layout.   One deadline done early!  I need this creativity to hang with me for a few days so I can complete one more deadline before the end of the month.