Almost 2 years ago I attended a photography workshop with MeRa Koh.  Little did I know how pivotal a weekend that would be for me.  She changed the way I used my camera, saw myself, and viewed myself as an artist.  I always grew up with an artistic side and walked to the beat of my own drum.  It was not until that weekend in May that I really embraced myself as a creative being.  Sure I am proud of my scrapbooking and to many it is just gluing pictures and putting stickers on paper.  But to me it was always more.  It is how I express myself, how I share my feelings with others, the way I see so many beautiful colors and how I captured the moments of my life and those who share it with me.  And yes, I was fortunate along the way and worked very hard to work with amazing companies and fellow artists in the industry.  But when people would ask what I do I would hang my head low and say "I scrapbook". 

After that workshop I embraced more of who I am and stood proud for all the hard work I have done to say "I glue for a living".  Sure it is not a living that lets me drive a Ferrari (even though that is the last car I would drive) but it was my passion.  It gave me the chance to make an album for the President of the United States , attend trade shows in different cities, share space with some of the most artistic people I know, have my work published in magazines, work on design teams using some of the latest and greatest products, and led me to my new destiny. 

I know that sounds crazy to come from a weekend lead by some amazing photographers but they are artists none-the-less who took that chance to share their passion.  It was an amazing weekend and one that I will never forget.  I shared it with a great friend and met so many new photags I am proud to call friends. 

So why this long dissertation??  I got the chance to see MeRa this week at a Sony store where she was putting on a mini workshop with her husband.  It was great to meet up with my friends, share our love for cameras, see MeRa & Brian, and then share dinner & a drink with all of them. 



A lot has change in that 1.5 years for me.  I stand a little taller, use my camera a whole lot more, glue things down on paper with pride and now try to inspire others as MeRa inspired me.  I am not sure how you thank a person for inspiring me so but if you read this MeRa………..THANK YOU.