Let’s dive into this mixed-media art tutorial! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll create a lovely flower with a wooden heart that shares a special message – “inspire.” We’ll also be adding a burst of color with a watercolor background. This one is great for art journaling beginners!

heart flower art journal page

Prep your art journal page by taping off the edges with painter’s tape and misting your watercolor palette with water.

I’m going to create my background by adding lots of purples, pinks, and blues. I’m also going to mix white acrylic paint with water, dip a fan brush in the mixture, and tap that above my page to create a splatter effect. Dry with a heat tool.

watercolor background art

The focal point of this art piece will be a heart flower! I have a wooden heart that says “Inspire” that I will trace onto my page with a permanent black pen. I will doodle petals all around my heart to create a pretty flower.

Next, I’ll take a liner brush and black acrylic paint to add a stem and some detail lines.

heart flower mixed media

I’ll paint the wooden heart with magenta acrylic paint and dry it with a heat tool. Then, I’ll take a Ranger Archival (Black) ink pad and rub it along the edges of the heart. Glue it to your page with Beacons Zip Dry

Use a stencil brush and your ink pad to add some color around the edges of your page. I’ll also use a liner brush and white acrylic paint to add some finishing touches and detail lines to my flower petals. 

Spray with a sealer, dry with a heat tool, and remove your painter’s tape.

finished mixed media art journal page

Watch the replay below!

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