I am thrilled to share I am the June feature Video Artist in Interactive Artist Magazine!

The great news is you can signup using the SUPER special subscription offer available. (1 year subscription for only $18.99 +2 free issues! PLUS entry into a Chroma, Inc. giveaway! Use Promo Code SUPER.)

Special thanks goes to DecoArt, Dare 2b Artzy, Dynasty Brush and Adornit for the awesome products featured on this project!

Thanks to the great team at IAM for all your hard work!  You are a great team to work with!

It is going to take bravery. Pushing through the doubt that is built into all great ideas. Proclaiming your dreams. Loving others without listening to them 24/7. Being cool with being called crazy before your idea blossoms. And knowing, deep down, that what you want for yourself matters as much as other priorities in your life.”