Recently I shared my wine barrel for the Ramona Art & Wine Festival HERE.  I have been asked by my sponsor San Vicente Resorts to be part of not one but TWO pasta nights at The Par Lounge in Ramona.  I am inviting my local friends to join me to celebrate and promote the Ramona Art & Wine Festival that is November 4th.  What does this mean…….come drink wine and eat pasta with me on October 18th with Turtle Rock Winery and on November 1st with La Finquita Winery!

Here are the info cards they made featuring mine…

I am honored to be among these awesome barrels…….

Come eat pasta and drink wine with me!

Do something today to make this world better, brighter, happier.   It matters.
Make something beautiful.
Clean something up.
Hug somebody.
Paint something.
Sew something.
Cook something.
Plant something.
Nurture something.
Nurture someONE.
When you make something better in your own little corner of the world, you make it better for everyone. Every good thing you do matters. Every word you speak.
Create good things…happy things… it matters more than you know.” ~Brave Girls