So I knew this week was going to be a busy one and it did not let me down…… photo recap

P3021372 hike with Kelly where she rebuilt her "rock" landmark
P3021364 P3021373 

_TWB7643 Choir Afternoon concert that included group photo and 100 photos to edit
This evening also included watching my friend's kids and basketball.

_TWB7683 Another hike and took the fisheye lens out to play..
_TWB7686 This lens is going to take some time to learn

More Choir………Evening Performance and 175 more photos to edit
_TWB7779  _TWB7863   

Field trip with 70 Choir kids to a retirement community
_TWB7950  _TWB8025  

They brought the crowd to a standing ovation
_TWB7936 well…..there was one item that acted as an obstacle to the standing part
_TWB7981 but if they could have stood up they would have.  You could hear "how beautiful" and "aren't they wonderful" and lots of singing along throughout the room.  It was touching and so great for the kids. 

The best part had to be my side-kick Janine who broke out in uncontrolled laughter when I got up to shoot photos in the front and one of the residents "hocked a loogie" at my feet.  Yep, she decided in that moment the floor was just as good as any and thankfully I missed it.  But Janine broke out in one of those uncontrollable belly laughs (the kind you don't want at a funeral) and after she retold the story she laughed even harder because of my reaction to bodily functions.  Needless to say, I stopped snapping photos from the ground that instant and the loogie was staring back at me the whole time.  Janine and I should not be allowed in public.  We decided we needed to be in the same "facility" in our elder years as I would keep her from becoming crotchity.  She said I would be as nutty in a wheelchair (heck no, I will have one of those cool tennis ball walkers with pink streamers!)

Then it was on to my favorite restuarant, Soup Plantation where I made Janine's husband speed to beat those pesky choir kids (I was not about to stand in line behind 70 kids making salad!).  Janine knows me well enough to know that I am unpleasant to wait in line for food.
_TWB8029 _TWB8034  

Then finally home to empty out yet another zillion photos to get uploaded to the website for anxious parents to order.  

On the way home I could not help but pull over for a moment of quiet and to capture the sky
_TWB8036 _TWB8043  
Everyone needs their moment of quiet.  And I needed a moment to get "Don Gato" out of my head!  Is it Friday yet???