and we were at the ball fields all day.  The winds were blowing like crazy to the point that I could not pull my camera out at the twins game because half the dirt from the ball field blew on us.  I swear I had an inch of dirt on me when I got home at 8 pm.  Aside from brushing off 22 lbs of dust……..the team almost took out their beloved team mom (OK, I like to think they love me) twice!  Two balls almost whacked me in the face. 

Tyler’s game was a bit later and the winds had calmed a bit. He had a great game however they did not win.  It was a good game but a bummer.  Our bats just were not kicking in when we needed them.  You cannot win games without those bats.
Dsc_0559a Dsc_0604a

Dsc_0637_2 Here I am with 6" of dust up my nose praying that we pull this one out.   

We got their team photos and I have to say that I am particular to one photo.  I had asked Tyler to take a "buddy shot" with me because I am so rarely in front of the camera.  The jeering from his teammates did not stop him from posing with his mommy and I love the photo.  Little does he know how much this picture means to me especially because he told the guys "hey, she is my Mom". So there you stinky boys.  LOL.  He is proud to hang with his dear old mom.

I want to take this time to wish a very special Happy Birthday to a very special person in my life (who may not be talking to me right now).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTORIA!

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I talked to her for nearly 30 minutes before she dropped the hint about her big day.  What a bad friend I am!  Her husband and I were easily able to turn this around to blame her.  She clearly does not market her birthday that well.  I mean, I have already started putting out the warnings………   

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