We have an addition to the family and for anyone who knows me this is the last thing you would expect for me to say…….."It's a Girl".  My new motto is "Never say Never"!  This OCD, non-fur loving girl got a puppy (or as I call her "the furball").  I have been pondering the thought for a month or so, doing my homework and learning what I could about these four-legged strangers.  Of course, when you put something out in the universe things just come together and the "perfect" baby furball was available.  My friend Colleen of course knew of a jack russell/chihuahua mix puppy.  I kept trying to reject the idea, put it out of my mind but somehow the photo of that little girl kept popping up. 

As for the kids, they have begged and begged for a puppy over the years that I have shrugged off.  Little did they know that Operation "Mom-of-the-Year" and Friday was the day the Eagle (or puppy) landed.  The puppy was driven from Arizona (thanks Pat & Wendy!) and after a few delays including a tire blowout we met at Colleen's for the transfer.  Thanks Colleen! It was a mommy moment I will never forget from the shock on Joey's face, Tyler's bewilderment and of course Micky's tears. 

Please excuse the horrible video'ing.  It was hard to hold the puppy (my first time!) and use the Flip video…

So our lives have changed as we know them and the furball has a name now…….Penny.  Micky likes Princess Penny and Joey thinks she is Lucky Penny.

TWB_3418a  TWB_3433a 

So where does this put me.  Well, in good graces with my kids (for the moment), buying cute pet accessories with skulls on them, and taking care of four more legs in this house.  Does this make me a dog person with a heart…….heck no!  If you think for one second I am going to let her in you are crazy (as I look down into my lap where she is comfortably napping).


"Happiness is a warm puppy."  ~Charles M. Schulz