So I this past week Kelly and I made it out on the trail for a couple of hikes.  We decided to venture out a bit and found a nice trail.  Along the way we took in the different ecosystems (don't you love my new hiking terms?) and took in sights and smells of fall (ok for a short time it did smell like dirty socks from recent rains but that does not sound nice for my story).  

As we ventured along we took in things like the rocks…………
PB191052   PB191047 

the view…..
PB191053 PB191054 

the burnt wooded areas from last year's fires
PB191060 PB191061  

we met some new friends along the way……..
PB191058 some very tall, skinny friends I might add

I also learned a lot about my friend Kelly and how she would handle a near fatal situation.  Along the way up I was setting the pace and my ankle bent causing me to nearly careen into a rock.  Instead of hitting the rock I veered to the right, nearly off the path and down a ravine.  I recovered in the edge of going over and turned back to my dear friend who had her arms outstretched in a caring motion.  Now don't let that fool you because immediately she broke out in sheer laughter.  Ok, we both broke out in laughter over my clumsiness and the cartoon-like trip I just had.  We had to replay it on the way down for the camera
PB191071 note the rock to the right and the ravine to the left
PB191072 What are good friends for but to make you laugh?

So we made it out alive but with stomach aches from laughing.