when you see mother’s everywhere doing a strange dance.  There is a strange pep in our step and a grin on our faces.  Yep people………….IT IS BACK TO SCHOOL DAY.  It is the day we drive and ditch those kids on our teachers and wave good-bye as we run to our secret lives of eating bonn bonns and watching Oprah. 
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The pencils, pens, backpacks and shoes are now on and ready to go………
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Our babies are growing up…..6th grade and 1st Grade
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The kids were all up at the crack of dawn to wear those new clothes, shiny tennis shoes and new backpacks without cookie crumbs in them.  It was particularly different for me because for the first time we walked the twins into two different classrooms.  Each teacher asked if they would miss their twin and in unison they said "Nope" so it was time.  Everyone was happy with their teachers so with the pep in my step I danced out with the other moms (Pete was viewing this spectacle).
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NOTE:  No pictures of Tyler as he is in 6th grade so big man on campus and I dare not follow him into his classroom.

Woo hoo!!  If I could do that Toyota kick without falling and breaking my knee caps I would try it but instead I went out for a bagel with Janine to celebrate