I love looking back every month and seeing how I spent my days.  January just flew by and was packed full of things.  Here is my first month of 2015 in pictures:


with so much up in the air, two households, one kiddo applying to colleges/scholarships, sports, a freshman baseball player, my fella’s new work hours, a house addition, and my business I like to look back at these photos and see where we were and and how far we have come.  Love to see all the new paths I have crossed with those people I shared my time with.  SLIDESHOW of just some of happenings….

With some signs to slow down like my blood pressure and a strained Achilles I know we are blessed.  It is just a matter of slowing down to take it in and appreciate things.  February may mark the completion of our addition and bringing this three-ring circus under one tent.  We will have moving to do and lots of paperwork…..this I know for certain:



Now it is time to heal up the machine so I can get back out on the trails to Move My Rear!  February here we come!

If you are trying to get somewhere in life, friend….just know that there will be little surprise back roads and u-turns and traffic jams and snowstorms that will require either stopping for a while, or going a different way, or stopping somewhere that is completely out of the way or any other variety of travel surprises. And that it is all ok.  Some of the very best of our life’s memories are made on the backroads, and certainly the best lessons are learned during the storms and detours. It is not a straight line…but it IS the exact journey that is best for our souls.  Allow some grace for life’s detours…and when they happen…enjoy them as best you can. Life is made up of them.”