Jimmy Well, it was not a joke after all.  The video of Tyler made the monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  I woke him up to see it last night and we laughed so much.  It was fun to share his 2 seconds of fame.

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So there are mixed reviews from friends and family who shared through my blog, emails and Facebook.  An overwhelming amount of you (especially moms out there) are worshiping me for this demented prank.  An there are those (mostly those who are grandparents) who wonder how I can do this to my sweet, innocent, and sleeping child. 

I will tell you one thing, the sharing of this prank was done 100% with Tyler's authorization and much to my amazement his over-whelming approval.  That is just a testament to just how he is.  He has that great ability to laugh at himself and allow others to join in.  He is such a great sport! 

The other thing about this whole thing is he brought it on.  He taunted me and that is the last thing one should do.  He went to bed being cocky and warning me to watch my back.  I do believe a life lesson has been learned here.

There is also a divide on the amount of water used.  Many said I went easy on him (again that was from the moms on my side) and the other side said I sprayed too long.  But I think after looking at the other videos I was way easy on him.  He even was thankful for that.  You also have to remember that my OCD prohibits me from making a mess in any way (notice the direct shot I took). 

But one thing is uniform for all…………that no matter who's side you were on, Tyler or mine there was one thing that we all agree on…………..that was funny.  Even if you felt sorry for him, you laughed.  Even if you wanted more or less water, you laughed. And no matter how innocent and sweet you think he is, you laughed.

Laughter is what all brings us together.  Thanks for sharing in ours.