I have been busy with so many great things but not too busy to see what you guys are working on!  I stay on that Flickr Group and check daily!   I want to share some just some of them!


Jean Marmo did the July challenge using Monday's inspiration in her small art journal book:


Tonya Gibbs created this page during the July 30th show "Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos this is what I created during your show tonight. Thanks for the inspiration. … I tried some new things out and got my fingers dirty. Enjoyed the show Tracy."


This from Carole Ellis Moore ~ "This was inspired by Tracy in her Monday Night Live UStream":

Mary Lee did this page from the July 30th class, also.   "I'm a couple weeks behind but I made this tonight, even used bubble wrap."


No rush and no schedule, Mary Lee!  Just create when you can and share!  It is so much fun to see what everyone gets out of each class.
Yvonne created this wonderful page. ~ ""I loved Tracey's quote from yesterday and did a page up for it last night. I took a heavy magazine cover and used that as my base along with some images I cut out of some magazines. Still not sure I love the page, but I do love the quote….lol"


Here is another work of art by Jean.  I'm loving all of the texture in this one!



I enjoy reading comments from all of you and it was so wonderful to hear this from Lori Bartonis……"Ok, I did it!! Tracy said – I Dare you, and I did. I can actually say that her telling us to do a project with our own picture was beyond scary to me. Yes, she could have probably asked me to do ANYTHING, and it would have not been more out of my comfort zone. I don't like pictures of myself!!! But, I made a promise to myself that I would no longer live in my comfort zone. It was time to stretch my bounderies and see what is possible.

Tracy, I can never say how much you mean to me. I am in tears. If someone would have told me a month ago, I would do a project about myself, and even like it, I would have called them crazy. Nuts even!!! But, the fact is, I more than like what I did, I LOVE it!!! It is by far the coolest thing I have
ever done. I was in the ZONE. I kept thinking of new things to do and I just did them. I didn't second guess myself or over think things. It was absolutely, 100%, a life altering project. Some people may think I am crazy, but my biggest fear, myself, was set before me, and I WON!!! Thank you Tracy – you are anamazing inspiration!!!!


And this from Mary Friederchsen……"And I thank you and <3 you back for all you have taught and inspired me too do! You have helped me to start going outside of my comfort zone,which I didn't know if I would ever be able to do! Thank you for your inspiration,encouragement and not thinking I am stalking you. Lol! 😀 So glad that we have crossed paths and are traveling along the road together! (sorry, I get really mushy sometimes! But I do mean it! 😉 Hugs and <3 Mary"


 And I thank all of you for the way you inspire me to keep traveling on this journey.  I am glad I have you as traveling companions on this artist journey.
I just said to someone today I feel so darn inspired by this group of amazing people who come together every Monday.  I want you to know I look at every upload on Flickr, every link to the Canvas Journals, all the Monthly Challenges and wish I could comment and SHARE every one.  I try to make that all possible so you can see what a chain of inspiration this is.  I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives each week.  I take that seriously and continue to strive to try new things while inspiring you to do the same!



"If you are passionate about it, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks.  That’s how dreams are achieved."