Have you ever had so many ideas swirling around in your head that you felt you could not harness them? You want to paint, draw, make wine glasses, design a new class, etc. but you literally cannot release them.  It is like a Creative Clog in the system!  I have been suffering from this and there is no magic pill to release it……..sometimes you just got to wait it out.  This week I have felt like that.  It is almost like going in my studio puts pressure on me to feel creative so I walk out.  

This week I decided to walk out of it…..grab a new journal and go outside to practice something I was scared to try.  Doodling.  Just me and a black & white pen.  Every now and again I want to add some little doodles/drawings to my paintings but I am afraid.  This is my way to let lose and let it flow.  Joanne Sharpe puts that so well…..just let it go. So in the classroom I go for Doodle Arts & Letters to learn to let it flow!  

I literally went outside…..outside the studio and with Mother Nature to give myself a big swift kick in the rear…..



Here is just the beginning of my creative jumpstart where I learn something new, let it flow, let it go and just enjoy the process………….


I cut the first few pages in half to practice…..



Then it was doodle time!



Time to play with my white gel pen….



So as I always love to inspire others it was time to refuel my own creative tank and continue to learn and grow.  It is the whole process.  As the message from the bottle said this week.  Just BE.



Happy Friday.  You will find me this weekend with my doodle journal and my pens out and about…..

"Having a dream, is awesome.  Having a dream and showing up every day, even when nothing seems to be
happening, is priceless. But having a dream and showing up every day, while sauntering, winking, and
hugging everyone, is when the floodgates begin to tremble."