OK, so signing up three kids for three different sports at one time has to be one of the worst ideas I have ever had.  Saturdays are filled with three soccer games, Sunday’s two baseball games and Friday is all about gymnastics.  That does not even count the endless number of practices.  I am making more trips back and forth to practices that I sometimes cannot remember who I taking where and do they need a cup or shin guards.  I guess as long as the cup does end up on their heads they are good to go.

Today was Opening day for soccer and we were up at 7 am for Joey’s game.
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_twb9950 _twb9952 

Then it was on to Tyler’s game.
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Did I mention that it was over 96 degrees out there in the hot sun?  I felt sorry for the kids.  I have to take a picture of our whole get-up-and-go (umprella, chairs, coolers, camera equipment).  I guess this makes me a true Soccer Mom.  I got lucky because Micky had a ‘Bye’ for the first week but for the next few months this will be our weekend "fun".

P.S. Thanks to Kelly for playing "Camera Captain Obvious" for me….one setting on that camera was eluding me and she pointed it right out.  What a lifesaver!