Sometimes you have to take a moment, re-group, take a walk and ground yourself.  I have taken some time this spring break to get my legs under me… Easter with the kids….


and conquered this mountain once again….Woodson1

Stopped to enjoy the view…..Woodson2

and do something that scares me…


no mountain too big for us….


and we had to push each other and give a good friend a hand.  We did it…..


and we are not always sure-footed but we encouraged each other on…..


Isn’t that how life is.  You rely on your friends, your family and your team……


so dance in that world of yours…… will find yourself better, stronger and smiling a lot more.

You have done SO MUCH, you have endured SO MUCH, you have learned SO MUCH and you have taught others SO MUCH.  It’s easy to think you haven’t made it very far, or that you don’t know very much, or that everyone else is miles ahead of you…but beautiful friend….Really think today about what you know, what you stand for…what you have learned and what you have taught…what you can share and what holds you together….the knowledge, wisdom and experiences that you have EARNED because you lived through them.”