or "Good Afternoon" in Japanese.  The twins selected their birthday dinner or in this case, lunch at Benihana's Restaurant.  These kids have expensive taste but hey, if it gets me out of a party of 20 screaming 7 years olds than count me in.  We took them Sunday afternoon for the dining "experience". 
_TWB3348 _TWB3349  
_TWB3353 _TWB3359  
_TWB3367 _TWB3372  
_TWB3373 _TWB3408  
_TWB3391  You just have to love his two-handed approach and believe it or not it works!  He ate the entire plate with those chop sticks!
_TWB3395  _TWB3399 

My food……..yummy! 
_TWB3412 _TWB3387  

They sang Happy Birthday to the twins and broughts this yummy pinapple to which the twins looked at me like "hey, where's the cake?"
_TWB3416 _TWB3414

We all had a great time…..a bit pricey but hey, I am not complaining as it sure beats 20 kids running around my house with runny noses and the birthday dog & pony show out front.  Can you tell I am not a kids birthday party fan?

That just about concludes the birthday celebrations.  I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO my DAD BROTHER, and UNCLE LARRY.  I love you all!