Nyc_4 I have not had much time to up-date.  Things have been crazy but school is over.  I officially have two kindergartners and a 5th grader on my hands!  or as Megan likes to call them "birth control"  LOL  I think after two weeks watching me she is in no hurry to have kids.  Tomorrow we cap off the week with a BBQ with friends and then Saturday I take Megan to the La Costa Spa & Resort.  We have a lot of fun together so I am totally looking forward to some down time with her.  I could use that time by the pool to unwind and start some good summer reads.  Dsc_8001

I am posting a picture of myself from the party.  My friend Lisa dressed me for the occasion and everyone asked to see pictures.  Thank you Lisa!  She helped me right down to the accessories. 

Summer officially begins today.  We have lots of things planned but I am looking forward to the down time.  Before the kids all go to school fulltime next year I hope to…

  • Enjoy our mini family vacation in Texas
  • Hit the beach once a week
  • Enjoy our pool with friends
  • Still be able to go to the gym
  • Stay on Coronado for a few nights
  • Have a successful trip in Chicago at CHA Summer
  • Learn Photoshop Elements with Kelly (we start next week girl!)
  • Read, Read, Read

Just want to close by up-dating my Life List.  I am happy to say I wore those heels, saw a Broadway play and had a real date with my husband on our trip. What a great feeling.  I think I need to think of some more things.