I just checked two big items off my checklist this week that have been there forever.  They got pushed down the list.  I did not have the time. the time was not right.  Then the time was right and I let it unfold.  I completed three commissioned pieces that I truly love.  AND….my stamp designs were completed/approved all this week which are a collaboration with Dare 2b Artzy (not 1 or 2 sets but 7 new sets!).  They felt right.  The time felt right.

I was late on both deadlines.  Maybe the timing was not right when the opportunities came up but I did not let them go.  Under the self-imposed pressure the visions and creativity finally came to me.  It was not forced and in true fashion a collaboration of ideas flowed.  But the script needed time to write itself and I needed to be patient.  Two things I am not good at.  In life you always want to write the script and see how it goes.  You think you drive things and control them.

The OCD in me wants order. You want things perfect or how they “should be”.  Life does not happen that way.  Things have to unfold and come things will come to fruition and some will not. Maybe some of life’s biggest lessons.  These creative opportunities were examples of this to me and both projects meant a lot. Plus they were with and for people who I love to work with.  They did not push nor force when they both should have told me to take a hike with my paint brushes.

Working with an artist is not the easiest thing and I have found that when you share your heart or paint with intention you cannot force it.  You have to let it come to you.  That is why I made some of the decisions I did in my art, business and companies I worked with.  I did not have my heart into it.  I had to stop and in some cases it was hard to go but those lessons turned out to lead me to the better path.  Be patient it will come. For me it is ever unfolding.  Those collaboration and opportunities do come to those who dream, work hard and put your heart into it.

Those commissioned pieces that adorn others walls were meant to be there and with the people who hired me to do them.  Those stamps were meant to happen when they did.  I could not write or force the script any other way.  And…..things in my life whether I like them that way or not is how they should be. I am right where I am supposed to be.  As I say on Mixed Media Monday….we will end up where we end up and that is a script I do not write or rehearse each week. It is me from the heart………..hence last night’s piece and everything I do.  My job, the companies I work with, my friends, my family, and my art are where my heart is.  It is where I am supposed to be….whether I think it is perfect or not.

Share your heart……….it is scary.  You may take some falls by wearing that heart on your sleeve but it pays off.

ShareAs for the latest projects and my new stamps. Those are to be revealed soon.  First I have to wait until they get them, hang them on their wall and the stamps are in production.  Patience is not my virtue and I have to wait until it is time……..the scripts are still being written. ♥

Everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head.  Every day.  All the time.  And that story makes you what you are – it lays the foundation for every action you take or don’t take.  You build yourself out of that story.”