A couple of months ago the idea came about to get a dog and in my true OCD manner I obsessed over such a situation and had moments of panic, wondered if I had lost my mind, and did not think I needed to add one more thing with four legs to take care of in this household.  But lo and behold the "Furball" came into our lives and I swear it has changed me more than anything. 

First off, a dog has all the things that my germ-phobia environment cannot support such as;

  1. Fur
  2. Dog breath
  3. Fur
  4. wet dog smell
  5. four paws
  6. a poop and pee shooter
  7. Fur

All of which so do not go in my organized world.  My mind does not process things as many others do so the thought of just two of those items could send me in a tailspin.

So the said Ball of Fur enters the household.  She has "accidents" and leaves me packages every now and again that gross us all out.  I found fur on my bed………and almost fainted.  Then when it rains, DON'T even get me started.  Watching me chasing around a over-sized rat with muddy paws is purely recreational now for the kids. And the best one……..the "rear-end scratching that causes me to turn into the Lady on the Stanley Steamer commercial "TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". 

But OH the gifts she has brought to all of us……………

  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Kids putting things away so they don't become chew toys!
  3. the smell of a very clean puppy
  4. the satisfaction of having her tell me she needs to go potty which turns me into some nut-bag commending her with baby-talk that she has gone #1 and #2 (I wish someone was rooting me on that much!)
  5. Chase the puppy Game (which usually means she has something of yours you need to get back and is hunkered down under the dining room table)
  6. Kids laughing at mom and seeing me more relaxed.
  7. Having friends say "I cannot believe I am having this conversation with you".
  8. Unconditional Love.
  9. The feeling of "not sweating the small stuff" anymore. 
  10. Naps…………..oh how she is so lovable when she naps (and trust me, this thing puts me to shame in the napping department!) and like me she will nap anywhere……….

a warm patch of sun…
a chewed up dog pillow…………
a lap………..
So is my house still germ-free and smelling of Pine Sol?……..you bet! Do I run around with a can of carpet cleaner in a holster?…..yep! But don't be surprised if you see the occasional dog hair.  It is a small price to pay.


"It's never to late to set sail and discover a new land inside yourself."  ~ Diane Sawyer