Day two of Dsc_0052_1 eating out and I am already tired (and bloated)!  We completly gutted the kitchen today.  It actually went a bit better than we anticipated but we made a lot of trash and had a lot of dust.   We are both thankful it is done.   As organized as I wanted to be there is just no good way to be without a kitchen.  Now the kitchen will get painted and next Saturday/Sunday the new custom cabinets go in.  I am so anxious to see them.  I am simply dying for a cup of tea right now but I know all the work Dsc_0051it will take to find the cup, tea bag and water so forget it.  I will just have to settle for a Dixie Cup full of milk.  I am thinking that this will be the much dreaded week that I have not looked forward to.  The kids were happy about one thing….I bought sugared cereals for them since about all they can have every morning is cereal.  I may just weigh 400 lbs before all this done.