Today we officially started our remodel.  The painter showed up and started Dsc_8901 removing the acoustic ceilings.  What a messy job.  I feel like the boy in the bubble.  Every room is divided by plastic and you have little slits to pass through.  The kids think it is an adventure.  Our painter is very nice (Day Dsc_8902 #1) and is trying to minimize the mess each night.  Thankfully my scrapbook studio does not need the ceiling done and he is going to leave that near the end to paint.  That keeps me in commission and it is the hardest room for me to pack everything up.  It will be worth it in the end.  I also had to finalize colors and for me that decision is almost killing me.  For a girl who works with color almost every day of her life making these decisions just might kill me.  I am not an interior designer nor do I want to be one. 

Tyler surprised me by asking if I would come see his oral presentation on his family.  I figured I should take advantage because it may not be long before he Dsc_8856 wants nothing to do with me.  So with camera in hand I sat in on his class.  I was so proud of him.  He did a nice job reading the report we worked so hard on.  He did it on my grandparents and I had such a sense of sadness when he talked about my grandpa.  I miss him so and know he would be proud that Tyler did that report on him and all he did to bring his family to America.  I think I was more nervous for Tyler than he was.  I wish I had his confidence.  When I was his age if I wanted to crawl under a rock when I had to do an oral presentation.  Dsc_8865 And look how I came out of my shell.  Not only did I come out but I left that shell far behind.  I still do not like to talk in front of lots of people.  I was pretty darn proud of myself teaching at Memory Trends. 

Tomorrow we are heading North to see our friends who we all miss dearly.  When we don’t get a dose of Gigi hugs we start missing them bad.  So tomorrow we are heading up for a visit.  I cannot wait.  They are like grandparents to the kids and always make us feel like family.  Very nice for us since our family lives so far away.  The twins have known them all their lives and just love them so much.  Plus they have the best room full of toys with all their parts and the batteries working.  I am going to make it a point to pull out my camera and get some current pictures.  Signing out to make it through my passages of plastic….I feel like a football player entering the field each time I pass through.

  The creativity continues with Mickythose Paperwhite Memories POP/NOVO papers:Just_like_sisters