I am so fortunate that I am surrounded by so many people who love me.  This month of November I usually list the things I am grateful for but I just plan on talking about them as the month goes.  I have friends who kick me in the rear, lift me up when I need a hand, walk by my side (literally) and those who sometimes need to hand it to me between the eyes.  I love that about my life.  When I doubt myself as a Mom my village lifts me up and let’s me know I am never alone.  When I put myself out there and stumble I can feel those lift me up.  When I have Artist’s Block and cannot paint for the life of me fellow Artist friends SHOW UP Monday night and I get back 10-fold what I put out.

Everyday I am thankful for the life I have created and thankful for the inspiration I dig up and put into my Life.  This Let It Go Journal is just that………a safe place to put my Life, my Art.  I choose to share it.  Some pages just may not turn out as I planned but I don’t care.  Some pages provide me the inspiration to create LIVE on Monday nights, or to create a new class……….

I invite you to find one of these albums and keep it handy.  When that Artist’s Block hits and it does.  Or life gets in the way and it will, pull it out and just say I DON’T CARE!  I choose to LET IT GO!

I am making it a habit to get up and start the background.  Or when I am waiting in the school parking lot I am doodling on the pages.  I AM RELEASING.  I spend so much time in my life making sure those around me are ok, my kids are well taken care of and sometimes I just need this release.  I am granting myself permission to just paint things for ME!

I invite you to do the same with me.  It feels great!  Here are my three latest pages……





I am not keeping track of the supplies I used as that is part of the Let it Go Process and I am doing these pages to inspire myself.  But I am taking photos of the creative process….



If you have any questions of what I used or the technique PLEASE email me at [email protected].  I am always happy to share.  I have more pages to share tomorrow.  Every one of these pages are from my Heart & Soul which I expose here.


“It only takes one person to make you happy and change your life:  YOU.”