So everyone in my inner circle is used to seeing me with my camera blocking my face.  I lug that thing around just about everywhere I go.  A couple of weekends ago I brought it with me to soccer as usual.  However, at this particular game I did not shoot one photo of the actual game.  Next to me was a grandfather with his granddaughter.  The connection between them was tangible and I could not resist aiming my camera at them. 


I approached the family and let them know I "invaded their privacy" and hoped I did not have to delete the card but they were thankful and Grandpa did not have a clue I was even shooting.  The great thing was Grandma said Grandpa so rarely has pictures taken of him.  I sure felt blessed to have my camera for that moment and could tell an even more important story than the soccer game. 


I do not know what special needs she has, how old she is, or what struggles she faces daily. I don't know her favorite food, her favorite TV show and truthfully did not even know her name when I shot these photos.  What I do know from this one soccer game is who makes her laugh.  I don't know Josie but I sure want to.  I felt blessed to capture that connection on film. 


I thank Josie's family for letting me share this great moment behind my camera.