Sometimes a time out is needed.  Post wedding and now construction has taken over. The sound of jack hammers and back hoes has invaded the land.  This weekend I needed a little time out to relax and also get some work done. Just few weeks ago I sitting in this same Starbucks taking an artistic break and a lot has transpired since then.  I hope to get time to empty my cameras and share soon.  This weekend though called for some time off.

Friday night lights…..CIF playoffs:


Saturday wine tasting locally with the family on a lovely day….


and Sunday finds me alone in a Starbucks trying to find my creative mojo.


It is not going that great….but it is what it is.  It will return when it is ready. I just have to let it go and practice what I preach…let it go.  But for now I appreciate this location comes with a good lunch.


Time to knock this bad mood and open myself up to the creative good stuff. A time out is always good. The writing and music in my had phones help.  Happy Sunday!