The past few weeks have been busy, amazing, challenging and blessed.  That is the only way to put it.  The challenges have a way of working themselves out but it takes time, energy and patience (prayer!) to get through.  For those who know me I don't like to sugar coat it…my anxiety level has been through the roof however I always believe that things have a way of working out and I try to focus on the positive.  There are so many positives.  I will say that in the past few weeks I have crossed off a few things up on my Life List and took a minute to up-date it.




Stay in a Bed & Breakfast…..CHECK!


Let me tell you the owner of this B & B was so interesting to talk to. We started talking and he is not simply Stan Miller "The Innkeeper".  He is Stan Miller the Audio Producer for Neil Diamond!  Of course I had to Google him.  An audio pioneer in the music industry.  At 72 he has lived a life and continues to do so. I enjoyed that moment while I was making my tea to connect with him.  "One needs to move ahead and try new things" to quote him HERE.  He likes pushing the envelope and trying new things. He was open and honest about his life.  In that small conversation he shared the bumps in the road including health and relationships.  For that I was appreciative.  I listened.  I learned…….I am thankful for that moment making my tea in a Bed & Breakfast.

So this is 43 so far and I have to say………



It is amazing.  I am blessed with so many special and wonderful people in my life that I heard from all day long.  It was a birthday I will never forget….thankful.

Those challenges and anxiety are still there.  Lessons to be learned and prayers to be said.  Life is not always easy as Stan shared.  But Life sure has it's moments…..make the most of them.  Get those Life List's updated.  You never know when you can cross one or two things off.  It makes you appreciate that moment.  It is your list and I am sharing mine HERE.  Not easy to do but I swear when you put it out there it does come true.  You just kind of see to it!


"Mistakes and setbacks are simply a form of practice. If the road is easy and free of bumps, you’re likely going the wrong way.  The bumps in the road teach you what you need to know to progress down a paththat is all your own.  Sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right. Your journey isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be worth it.  To never struggle is to never grow.  There is no perfectly smooth road to anyplace worth going."