Last week I got that dreaded call “Mom, I was in an accident”.  It’s the call you know as a mother before words are spoken that something is not right.  EVERYONE OK! Fender Bender (or so we thought).  Actually the other car OK but our car did not fair so well…the word totaled from the insurance stinks.  We both loved that car.  I scored that car with very low miles at a good price and a great starter car.  But………Starla is being put to pasture.  Thankfully all ok and many lessons as a teenager being learned about value of a car, miles, the privilege of driving, safety, how insurance works, and about accidents in general.  It is a humbling experience that I remember as a teen and now as a Mother.  (To my parents I now say I am sorry! I know, I know, I know now just what I put you through!).  I just breathed through it all minus the bouts of panic every time he leaves the house.  This I know for sure..there are always lessons to be learned and as we tackle this stuff with insurance, car shopping, balancing being thankful he is ok with punishment to learn from this, etc. I recognize he is growing up.  He needs these lessons.

But the tea he just delivered sure made me feel good…..


RIP Starla


On top of that we are house hunting, looking into house additions/renovations, managing a Dog who ate a pan of bacon grease, school registrations and I just want to scream.  Not to mention planning a wedding and more! Who knew this would be so much at one time. Please do not get me wrong….I am not complaining.  I am blessed.

Each and every day I look at that roof over my head, the man who loves me, our ever growing family (no more kids!) that we are connecting together (which is not easy) and I know for sure………

Life is Good.


Life has rough patches, blessings, easy times, but this I know for sure.  There is a plan, it may not meet your timing but every day there is something to be grateful for.  Look for the lessons, don’t dwell on the things you cannot control.  Those dark times pass……

The truth is that the world isn’t really as it is, but as we see it.  And we all see it differently.  If you end up living a boring, miserable life because you completely ignored yourself and instead listened to a parent, a peer, or some gal on TV telling you how to live your life, then you have no one but yourself to blame.  Honestly, the smartest and most courageous act is simply to think for yourself and listen to you own intuition.  It’s better to die your way, than live someone else’s idea of your life.”