I get lots of people asking how I am doing with Penny or as I affectionately call her "The Furball".  Well, she has implanted herself into our lives much to my surprise.  The non-dog person that I am now finds myself waking up with a paw in my face.  Despite my efforts to keep her from the beds she now had a variety of beds to choose from each night (once she is in Joey's bunk she is trapped but does not seem to mind)…

Her latest entertainment is the pool and catching water….

hours of splashing and she is completely entertained…

So what has this dog taught me:

  1. It is possible for me to enter a room and have someone excited to see me every time!  That includes but is not limited to me existing from the bathroom, entering from the garage door (ok, any door for that matter) and from taking out the trash.
  2. Black furballs of hair will not kill me……they may slightly drive me over the edge and vacuum 20 times a day but in general they will not gather and form an army and come strangle me in the middle of the night.
  3. When your dog is quiet for a length of time (similar to children) just assume something is wrong. 
  4. If you are missing something or it appears that someone raided the trash the first place you should look is under your bed.  There is a stockpile of good stuff under there.
  5. What goes in must come out……not much needs to be expanded upon with this one.  However, I will further add that if said dog eats an entire stick of butter than everything will also exit as if if it were a slip and slide 🙂
  6. Chocolate may not necessarily kill a dog….an entire pan of brownies is proof of that one.
  7. It is not necessary to call your Vet for every possible thing that comes up to the point when you call and say this is Penny's mom they say "Hi Tracy….what happened now". 
  8. Dogs can tell time because when the kids come home she is waiting by the door for her first tummy rub.
  9. The key to our dogs heart is her tummy so if you would please just rub her belly she will eventually leave you alone.  That same rule does not apply to anyone else in the house however I am always tempted to expose my back to see if anyone would give it a good scratching.
  10. Dogs can have OCD like their nutty owners.  Proof of this is when it is raining and she waits patiently for her paws to be wiped off because she has seen her master run around like a raving lunatic and probably does not want to witness that again.

So finally I leave you with this…… TWB_5984a

This black and white mop has brought so much love to this house and daily I look at her as she follows me from room to room and I am thankful…..Thankful that we both have not drove each other over the edge.

Respectively yours,

Penny's Mom

"Love yourself. Give yourself time to be with the people, places and things you love most." ~Donna Karan