I love that so many people ask about Penny (ada "The Furball).  On this particular day my carpets were professionally cleaned, my OCD was in check and I was doing the happy dance……(on my nice clean carpets)


Well that was interrupted when the black puff ball of Fur wonders what the dance of jubilation is for….


"Hey…what about me?  Forget the darn caprets. This girls needs some scratching woman!"



I guess I will just have to dance later as there is something more important and she knows it.  And before one of you smarties say it.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A DOG PERSON!  The End!


"Being a genuinely good person, helping others, and leaving the world better than you found it is what a truly rich life is.  Its warm memories endure even when money and prominence fade, and it’s filled with the only kind of wealth you can take out of this world with you.  Knowing deep down that you counted – that someone else’s life would not have been as rich without you in it – that’s priceless.  That’s something worth working for."